The International Watch Company was established in 1848 by American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones, who at the time had been director of E.Howard & Co, then America’s leading watch making company. He founded IWC with the intention of combining the craftsmanship of the Swiss with the modern engineering technology from the US in the hope of appealing to the American market.

Today, IWC continues to combine precision engineering with exclusive design and innovation.



IWC Schaffhausen unveiled their series of pilot’s watches in 1936. With a distinctly masculine design, the robust and reliable Pilot watches have become sought after by professional pilots and adored by many others worldwide.


In 1939, two Portuguese businessmen commissioned a large wristwatch with the precision of a pocket watch from IWC. The noticeably large and striking wristwatch used the pocket watch movement calibres 74 and 98 creating a true icon of Swiss haute horology


The Engenieur is a real classic by IWC, famous for its timeless and functional design for over 50 years. Its qualities are its ability to be both watertight and reliable in screening from magnetic fields.