Russell Crowe on the stories behind his watches, and why he’s selling them

Late last year, Russell Crowe announced that he was auctioning off some of his possessions, from movie props to art and, intriguingly for us, watches. In early February, Rusty tweeted again, giving us some more detail on the watches he was selling.

The tweet included a blurry picture of a Panerai, and subsequent posts ran through some of the brands he was selling, and that the watches – in many cases – related to specific films or projects. Crowe also noted that the watches represented half his collection. It was clear that Crowe wasn’t just a man who owned a few nice watches, he was a collector. And given that the April 7 auction was happening in our own backyard, we knew we had to act.

This video is the result. Hit play and hear what Russell Crowe himself has to say about his watches, highlights of the provocatively titled ‘Russell Crowe: The Art of Divorce’ auction, held in Sydney on the 7th of April, 2018.